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the Bank

Designed for livingsimple Cases

The Bank is designed so iPhone 6 users can carry less stuff.   Most everyone carries their phones in one pocket and wallets in another creating twice the bulk. Designed for livingsimple Cases, The Bank consolidates both with a phone and an enclosed flip-out tray for drivers license, credit cards, and bills folded into thirds.  It provides magnetic strip protection for credit cards, and contents are held securely in place with a stainless steel clip when flipped open.  It’s perfect as a full-time wallet, or as a minimal out-on-the-town option.

The concept is simple. Machineart’s design criteria were to provide as much internal volume as possible while keeping it comfortable to hold and fitting into a shirt pocket or purse. It also functions as a horizontal stand.

The case is injection molded polycarbonate for impact strength in either glossy black or white, or a soft touch surface matte black, and it’s appearance reflects the iPhone’s simple precision.