Any Style Shoe with a Click

_OneClique™ is the world’s first high heel collection of Shoe Separates™ for young women with Tops and Heels designed to key-in and click together giving girls the freedom to create any style shoe they want. The collection includes 17 uppers and 20 heels that can be mixed and matched to create 340 different shoe combinations.  Click to see how it works.

Machineart defined several design goals: make the Tops and Heels look seamless together; safely secure and easily lock the upper and lower in place with an audible “click”; and, style the heels to look young, fun, and elegant. The above slides show the concept sketches and more refined renderings done prior to modeling parts in 3D CAD and making 3D printed prototypes to test.

The draw latch locking lever, identified with OneClique™ logo, is padded and lies flush beneath the foot so it cannot be released when shoes are worn. The accompanying videos explain the simple mix and match process and the multiple styling variations that result.