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_LiteSpikes are a unique golf overshoe designed to fit over any shoe or sneaker and be a low cost alternative to dedicated golf shoes. Golfers who find themselves at a course without their shoes, or new players not wanting to commit to the high cost of shoes could buy a pair at a sports or pro shop for under $50.

Machineart’s design  development considered a number of factors: how to shape it to fit easily over street shoes; how to provide traction in the turf without using metal spikes; how to style it to appeal to both male and female, young and old golfers alike; and how to manufacture it economically.

A key feature is SMART TREAD™, distinct inside and outside foot tread patterns designed for optimum feel during the changing states of a golf swing. The tread of the fairway facing shoe discourages lateral movement while the tread of the outside foot encourages pivoting when the heel is raised. Each LiteSpike fits on either the left or right foot so the difference in feel between the planted foot and the pivoting foot is the same for both left and right-handed players.

Multiple concepts were drawn, mock-ups and wearable prototypes made in the process of arriving at the end result.

Styling concepts varied from casual sandal, to  tassle top saddle shoe, to a strap over with buckle look. We selected the simplest looking and simplest to make version for the first model. Options remained for adding styling variations to the line.

LiteSpikes are designed for manufacturing in thermoplastic urethane. Breathable mesh panels are sewn to the uppers, then sewn into the sole. Colors and graphics are integrally molded.

Our client came to us with an idea…and nothing else.  We succeeded in interpreting the vision and making it a functioning reality.