What makes funoogles fun? I do.

_Machineart’s design for funoogles gives children the ability to choose and interchange the color and style of their glasses to express their creativity and individuality.

The brand was born out of our client’s experience with their daughter Ella-Jane who was born with a congenital Cataract, a disease that would slowly claim the vision in her right eye. At just 5 years old, she had endured a procedure to ensure that her sight wouldn’t be lost forever. It worked. With eyewear now a part of her life she asked why couldn’t she have something of her own creation? Something that would match her style and mood every single day.

The funoogles design starts with the Base, a classic clear-colored frame design to which three different styles of frame clips can be snapped-on to change its style:

  • The Full Frame Clip is a thicker design that covers the entire front side of the funoogles frame. Available in multiple colors and patterns, the Full Frame Clip provides a bold, stylish look that’s easy to snap on and off to match the mood.
  • The Eyebrow Clip is a sleek design that styles the top half of the base frame. Eyebrow Clips snap on & snap off just as easily as a Full Frame Clip, but provide a modern two-tone color option.
  • The Outline Clip is thinner than the Full Frame Clip, but works just the same. Easy to snap on and snap off, Outline Clips cover the entire perimeter of the frame, and give the frames a unique outline of color highlight.

Different colored temples can be easily snapped into the Base frame and all parts are molded in resilient, kid-proof nylon 12. Assuring easy to snap parts in and out by little fingers was a key design goal, as important as the creation of fun and fashion value.

Please visit funoogles.com