The Bank

Designed for livingsimple Cases

The Bank, designed by Machineart for livingsimple Cases, is a protective iPhone 6 or 6s case that holds up to 8 Credit Cards, or a combination of cash and cards, and fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. Press the button and flip out your wallet like a switchblade.



What makes funoogles fun? I do.

funoogles are designed to give children the ability to choose and interchange the color and style of their glasses to express their creativity and and undividuality.

Machineart's design starts with the Base, a classic clear-colored design to which three different styles of frame clips can be snapped-on to change its style. Different colored temples can be selected to easily snap into the Base and all parts are molded in resilient, kid-proof nylon 12.



Any Style Shoe with a Click

OneClique launches collection of high-heel separates...

Machineart developed the mechanism enabling "one click" secure interchangeability among different styles of Tops & Heels while assuring fashion value.




The SoleMates High Heeler®, invented by Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson, solves the problem of hi heels sinking into grass or falling into cracks by increasing the surface area on the base of the heel.

Machineart’s design attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels, fitting snugly utilizing the flexible properties of injection molded thermoplastic urethane to grip securely without damaging the heel or compromising the aesthetics of the shoe.




LiteSpikes are a unique golf overshoe designed to buy inexpensively and wear over any shoe making it possible to play golf when travelling without having brought along a pair of golf shoes.

Made in Thermoplastic Urethane, Machineart's design stretches over 3 shoe sizes; has a unique tread pattern for the outside and inside foot enabling a specific feel for each foot throughout the range of the golf swing; and can be worn on either the left or right feet for both left and right-handed players.



Fashion Goggles

Machineart created a series of eyewear concepts for sports/outdoor wear that expressed both performance and style whether out boarding or out at the club.