The Machineart designed the Sterno Inferno Ultralight Camping Stove for compact transport and easy set-up when backpacking, motorcycle or bicycle camping. For travel its 16 oz. cooking pot fits over the red anodized aluminum body while a Sterno fuel can stores within. To set up for use, stabilizing feet pivot out from the base to support the heating chamber on uneven ground and the cooking pot fits on top with a sealable plastic lid. Vinyl coated handles pivot out from the cooking pot for safe handling.

Inferno Newsroom Image (560x258px 150dpi)

Machineart developed the original concept while exploring ideas for another Sterno CandleLamp project, the compact camping kit. The initial rendering was so well regarded by the client, who recognized its potential to expand its line of cooking gear, that it gave Machineart the go-ahead to develop it as well. Machineart also handled the design of the Inferno logo and Inferno brand color scheme.

List price: $24.99