Sports & Fitness




Low Cost Treadmill

Designed for sale at Wal-Mart and other big box retailers, The Tredex 390 is bare bones model for low cost but the design intent was to elevate its value visually through crisp detailing, the provision of two pockets for personal effects, and a cleanly detailed control interface.



Elliptical Trainer

Machineart’s designed a unique set of plastic parts consistent with the design language developed for Sportcraft’s other fitness products to fit onto an existing mechanical assembly sourced in China. User amenity bins were added to either side of the existing control head. And, a new product graphic identification completed the look.



ET Entertainment Treadmill

After designing several low cost treadmills for Sportcraft, we proposed a new design direction, both functionally, visually, and in terms of price point. To broaden its appeal (reduce the drudgery of running in place) the central display enables playing competitive hiking and running games via an avatar with other users of the device. The rounded yet crisp forms are designed to communicate a high level of product sophistication.



REMO Treadmill Control

This treadmill speed and mode hand controller is shaped to nestle unobtrusively in the hand so it does not get in the way when running. Retained by a bungee strap around two middle fingers, a user does not have to actively grip it yet is still able to operate the simple controls with the thumb.



Fashion Goggles

Machineart created a series of eyewear concepts for sports/outdoor wear that expressed both performance and style whether out boarding or out at the club.