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BMW Motorcycle Products

_MaMo is an online store for BMW motorcycle aftermarket products designed by Machineart Industrial Design. Products are sold via the web at www.machineartmoto.com and through BMW and independent dealers, and distributors.

Machineart designers are vehicle enthusiasts with interests in cars, aircraft, bicycles and motorcycles. President Andrew Serbinski is a life-long motorcycle rider and it was a natural step to apply our product design and development skills to solve problems we identified through our own experiences. Functional improvement is the purpose of each new product produced, but all are done with quality and attention to detail. Appearance is central to the brand. We promote MaMo products as having a “design edge”.

X-Head cylinder guards are designed to improve  upon BMW’s own version by covering 80% of the surface of the vulnerable cast magnesium valve cover of the opposed twin engine. Even drops  in a driveway can cause damage.  The shell  is injection molded  high impact nylon backed by a thermoplastic rubber liner that fits against the cover. Both materials serve to dissipate the the force of impact.

MudSling rear fenders are designed for three models to fit in between the rear tire and suspension to protect the shock and surrounding parts from stone abrasion, mud and tar accumulation, and  reduce maintenance. Thermoformed in High Impact ABS, MudSlings mount easily with two screws in five minutes.

Avant front fender extensions are a patented design that provides the unique benefit of mounting to the trailing edge of a stock front fender without the need to drill holes in the fender, unlike all other fender extensions.

Avant adds 5.5” in length to protect exhaust headers and the front of the engine from rock chips, tar, and mud buildup.  Injection molded in polypropylene, it is simple to install with three compression clamps and black screws. Avant integrates beautifully with the stock fender texture and is transferable to another bike without leaving disfiguring holes behind. Each of the three models offered are shaped with characteristic flared wings that widen the splash coverage area without looking wide.