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Hybrid Motorcycle Concepts

_The Concept eCycle is a series hybrid motorcycle platform featuring its eCycle SolidSlot™ brushless motor/generator that can be used with variety of small displacement gas and diesel engines. The motorcycle operates much like a hybrid automobile in which both the engine and electric motor operate efficiently together.  The electric motor is used for torque demands such as acceleration and passing and the gas or diesel motor for cruising and charging the batteries.  It can be programmed for all electric operation for limited distances.

The purpose of the eCycle’s Concept program is to demonstrate eCycle’s technology and produce a Hybrid motorcycle platform for sale to early  adopter enthusiasts and the aftermarket for individual development.

Machineart’s three appearance concepts show the multiple applications and styling possibilities of the eCycle platform. The rolling chassis components are common to all with variations only in body parts. All three evoke lightness and the image of an advanced vehicle.

Concept eC1 is the visual descendant of the Honda 90 step-through design of the early 60’s that put a generation of mainstream customers on two wheels. It is the run-about-town model designed to look light and easy.

Concept eC2 captures a sportbike flavor while retaining the same large seat and comfortable handlebar relationship of the eC1. It has minimal bodywork and a light, nose-down attitude.

Concept eC3 is a commuter variation that adds wind protection in addition to an integrated tail rack and side cases. The upper assembly is cantilevered from the top of the monocoque structure.

eCycle has no plans to sell a complete motorcycle. Its primary interest lies in being a key supplier to those wanting to produce hybrid motorcycles, ATV’s and similar platforms.