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BMW Motorcycle Products

Building upon our portfolio of motorcycle aftermarket products designed by Machineart Industrial Design, for our sister company, Machineart_Moto, we have introduced the ADVance Guard multi-functional hand guards for the Adventure Touring market.

ADV and Dual Sport riders must adapt to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions – from highway to single track, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the interstate. ADVance Guard is designed to easily adapt to a multitude of prevailing conditions without the need for tools, and fits all brands of ADV and Dual Sport motorcycles via custom aluminum mounting kits.

ADVance Guard consists of an assembly of 3 main components:

  1. The wide Aluminum Safety Frame which has an open front, mounts to the handlebar with fasteners included in the Mounting Kit, and provides sturdy protection against impact during tip-overs, crashes, or hazards such as trees or outcroppings on a narrow trail.
  2. The Insert which is made of resilient injection molded polypropylene, and fills the open front of the Safety Frame when snapped in, or uncovers it when snapped out, to permit cooling airflow.
  3. The Sliding Shield which is retained by both the Frame and Insert and is adjustable to low or high positions to adapt to different weather conditions. To adjust the Shield, the rider loosens three thumbscrews, lifts or lowers the Shield, then re-tightens the thumbscrews.

ADVance Guard can be purchased from www.machineartmoto.com and through BMW and independent dealers, and distributors.