ADVance Guard

BMW Motorcycle Accessories

ADVance Guard multi-functional hand guards are designed for superior protection and to adapt to a variety of weather and riding conditions without the use of tools. The ADVance Guard design incorporates a patented, adjustable, sliding airflow Shield that increases front surface area 150% allowing easy adaptation and increased comfort. They are the most versatile, useful and effective hand guard solution available today for motorcycle Adventure Touring.



Concept Study

The GSM concept bike proposes a platform extension and new visual language for the BMW R1200GS Adventure Tourer. The GSM is designed to look lighter, smaller, and more agile than BMW’s GS while retaining its traditional attributes of go-anywhere toughness and versatility. The concept bike was built utilizing Stratasys FDM Direct Digital Manufacturing technology.

The GSM was built to promote the design focus of the MachineartMoto brand of aftermarket parts for current production BMWs.


MaMo Products

BMW Motorcycle Accessories

Machineart spawned an adjunct business in 2007, Machineart_Moto, to design, manufacture and market its own line of Machineart branded products for the BMW motorcycle market. Each product was developed to solve a functional problem while making it visually elegant. Products are sold through our commerce site and through dealers and distributors.

A design edge is what we have to sell. www.machineartmoto.com



Electric Hybrid Concepts

The Concept eCycle is a series hybrid motorcycle platform featuring the eCycle SolidSlot™ brushless motor/generator usable with a variety of small displacement gas and diesel engines.

Machineart developed three appearance concepts showing multiple market segment and styling possibilities of the eCycle platform. The rolling chassis components are common to all with variations only in body parts. All three evoke lightness and the image of an advanced vehicle.



Machineart Kawasaki 900 Concept

Machineart developed the MK9 to demonstrate how design alone can transform a slow selling, common looking production platform into a showroom draw and object of desire.

Built internally by Machineart, the MK-9 introduced the idea of visual "flow" to a sport GT and it won a 1997 Industrial Designers Society of America Gold Award in the vehicle category in its annual IDEA Design Award competition.



Electric Outboard Motor

eCycle’s products are low voltage, high current brushless motors and generators for mobile and stationary applications. Machineart designed this 9.9HP small lake power boat motor.



The ST-4M concept, prepared for Ducati North America in 2002, proposed a new visual language to update the styling of their Sport Touring models which had begun to lag in sales.

Now, 10 years hence, there are a number of motorcycle brands whose products reflect the curvilinear edginess and matte black with gloss color color break-up characteristic of this concept rendering.