3 shoes 280x129designed by Machineart Industrial Design

Any Style Shoe with a Click


The first of its kind, OneClique™ shoes are Tops & Heels that click on and off to create the styles women want, when they want them. “I am particularly excited about this product launch”, says Andrew Serbinski, President of Machineart. “It is rare for an aspiring entrepreneur, like OneClique’s founder Sandy Sacculo, with no previous business experience to come to us with a product idea and little more, yet have the savvy to make the right relationships along the way with production, marketing, and PR partners to launch a new brand in just two years”. Our design work enabled Sandy’s vision but she ran with it like a pro.

Machineart designed the heels and the mechanism enabling “one click” secure seamless looking interchangeability among different styles of Tops & Heels, while assuring fashion value. Click to learn more.


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