Dranetz HDPQ DN

DRANETZ has introduced the Dranetz HDPQ DN®  , an electric power quality monitoring and communications instrument designed by Machineart Industrial Design in collaboration with Dranetz engineering.  The HDPQ DN®  is designed as a fixed rack mount or stand-alone instrument in commercial facilities that monitor and manage incoming power quality from utilities.

Machineart designed the physical package to accommodate multiple back panel connector configurations and ease of parts assembly, while developing a simple and elegant form that distinguishes the Dranetz brand image.

Dranetz is the leading provider of intelligent monitoring solutions for electrical demand and energy, as well as power quality. Headquartered in Edison, NJ, USA, Dranetz manufactures its instruments in the USA.

ADVance Guard

The new ADVance Guard, designed for our sister company, MachineartMoto, is a leap forward in motorcycle hand guard functionality and comfort for the Adventure Touring motorcycle market.

The ADVance Guard multi-functional, aluminum framed hand guards are designed for superior strength and easy air flow adjustability for a variety of weather and riding conditions. Adventure and Dual Sport bike riders must adapt to many different environmental and weather conditions – from highway to off-road, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the interstate. The patented height adjustable Shield and removable front Insert enable riders to easily adapt to these prevailing conditions without the need for tools.

The wide Aluminum Safety Frame provides tough protection for rider and handlebar controls in case of tip-overs or impact with outcroppings on a narrow trail. With or without the front Insert installed, the Frame covers not only the hands, but also the control levers and switches.

ADVance Guard fits most brands of Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycles and are the most versatile and effective hand guards available for Adventure Touring.

They may be purchased online at




Paint Bone

Paint Bone is designed to provide comfortable, anti-fatigue grip positions for holding heavy paint cans or pails from the top, side, or bottom. Paint Bone easily attaches to the existing wire bail on a paint can or pail.

By allowing the user to pivot the bail, Paint Bone provides full access to the contents of the container. If you need to position the container on the ground or a shelf, the Paint Bone handle easily drops to the side, providing a clear and unobstructed entry.

Paint Bone’s wide, rounded shape provides comfortable leverage for the fingers and improved control over the position of the bail and paint can. It is available to buy online from PaintBone.

Paint Bone

Hi-hat RockerValve™

Hi-hat RockerValve™, an accessory device for drummers and percussionists designed by Machineart Industrial Design for inventor and drummer Chris Reinhard. It transforms hi-hat cymbal sound  enabling drummers to control cymbal sustain by using lateral leg motion instead of foot pressure.

Rheo Sense

Rheo Sense, Inc. of San Ramon, California, a leader in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and the emerging protein therapeutics industries has introduced the Machineart designed VROC Initium, the first truly automated, high throughput viscometer. Machineart developed the Initium’s physical design, its distinctive brand appearance, and optimized component organization for easy operator work-flow and servicing tasks.

Rheo Sense’s technology measures fluid viscosity, essential in the production of complex liquids and helping achieve cost-effective flow and material characterization. Applications include development of Biopharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Inks, and Rechargeable Batteries.

RheoSense Newsroom Image (560x258px 150dpi)

A visual goal, as defined by Dr. Seonggi Baek, CEO & President of Rheo Sense, was to achieve an “advanced” look. Machineart added a second visual characteristic of “precision” to communicate smaller, smarter, and faster fluid sample characterization and accuracy. The VROC Initium is the only product of its kind and the resulting design communicates advanced precision through its simple volumes, crisp edges, inlaid matte aluminum details, and light, clean colors. The design distinguishes the RheoSense brand in the lab environment and succeeds in establishing a new product design language for Rheo Sense.

In addition to developing a new visual identity, Machineart designed all the individual plastic and metal exterior components as well as many of the internal chassis components and mechanisms in support of RS mechanical engineering. The Initium is designed for low volume production, utilizing urethane plastic castings and fabricated aluminum assembl­­ies.

Sterno Stove Kit

The Sterno CandleLamp Stove Kit is designed by Machineart to contain everything needed for light to medium cooking in outdoor and emergency situations. The complete kit fits inside the square cooking pan and all parts are retained by the fold-out pan handle. Contained inside are the fold down stove frame with wind shield panels, an 8 oz. cup, and a Spork multi-use utensil. It will also hold one Sterno fuel can.

Camping Stove Newsroom (560x258px 150dpi)

The Stove Kit’s red anodized with natural aluminum color scheme, also shared by the Ultralight Camping Stove developed at the same time for backpacking, distinguishes this new line of business for Sterno CandleLamp. List price: $24.99.

The Bank

Carry less stuff. The Bank, designed by Machineart for livingsimple Cases, is a protective iPhone 6 or 6s case that holds up to 8 Credit Cards, or a combination of cash and cards, and fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. Press the button and flip out your wallet like a switchblade.

bank newsroom

Most everyone carries their phones in one pocket and wallets in another creating twice the bulk. The Bank consolidates both with a phone and an enclosed flip-out tray for drivers license, credit cards, and bills folded into thirds. It provides magnetic strip protection for credit cards, and contents are held securely in place with a stainless steel clip when flipped open. It’s perfect as a full-time wallet, or as a minimal out-on-the-town option.

Sterno Inferno

The Machineart designed the Sterno Inferno Ultralight Camping Stove for compact transport and easy set-up when backpacking, motorcycle or bicycle camping. For travel its 16 oz. cooking pot fits over the red anodized aluminum body while a Sterno fuel can stores within. To set up for use, stabilizing feet pivot out from the base to support the heating chamber on uneven ground and the cooking pot fits on top with a sealable plastic lid. Vinyl coated handles pivot out from the cooking pot for safe handling.

Inferno Newsroom Image (560x258px 150dpi)

Machineart developed the original concept while exploring ideas for another Sterno CandleLamp project, the compact camping kit. The initial rendering was so well regarded by the client, who recognized its potential to expand its line of cooking gear, that it gave Machineart the go-ahead to develop it as well. Machineart also handled the design of the Inferno logo and Inferno brand color scheme.

List price: $24.99

funoogles eyewear

What makes funoogles fun? I do.

funoogles has launched innovative, interchangeable and customizable prescription eyewear for children designed by Machineart Industrial Design. Developed to provide children with a way to express their personalities while also addressing their vision needs, funoogles’ colorful glasses adapt to fit a child’s individual style. They also may improve a child’s experience of wearing glasses, increasing their daily use.


The idea behind funoogles came from founder Jessica Darcy’s seven year old daughter, Ella-Jane. Born with a congenital cataract, a disease that impacts her vision, Ella-Jane understood that glasses were necessary to help her see correctly, but soon grew bored with having to wear the same frames each day. In an effort to express her creativity and individuality, she asked her mom if it would be possible to create glasses made of interchangeable parts that would easily change the look of her lenses, leading to the development of funoogles.

Machineart explored multiple shape and configuration options in the process of evolving the product with dual goals of designing a resilient and easy to snap on and off system of parts, and a fun series of shapes and colors enabling multiple combinations.

About funoogles

funoogles is a company that creates customizable eyewear for children to express their personalities. With a range of colorful options, funoogles glasses adapt to fit your child’s mood and style. Fun, fashionable and easy to interchange, each set of prescription eyewear gives kids a unique look and parents an affordable way to keep their children in style. funoogles are also available as sunglasses, and are made in America.

The company will reach consumers in under-served rural areas in Central America and the Dominican Republic through donations via the Volunteer Health Program, a nonprofit health care organization focused on providing primary medical and surgical eye care to people in these locations.

OneClique™ High-Heels

3 shoes 280x129designed by Machineart Industrial Design

Any Style Shoe with a Click

The first of its kind, OneClique™ shoes are Tops & Heels that click on and off to create the styles women want, when they want them. “I am particularly excited about this product launch”, says Andrew Serbinski, President of Machineart. “It is rare for an aspiring entrepreneur, like OneClique’s founder Sandy Sacculo, with no previous business experience to come to us with a product idea and little more, yet have the savvy to make the right relationships along the way with production, marketing, and PR partners to launch a new brand in just two years”. Our design work enabled Sandy’s vision but she ran with it like a pro.

Machineart designed the heels and the mechanism enabling “one click” secure seamless looking interchangeability among different styles of Tops & Heels, while assuring fashion value. Click to learn more.


multi shoe splash280x129

legs - Copy

Dranetz HDPQ®

NEWSROOM page 280 x 129Dranetz introduces the Dranetz HDPQ® line of hand-held power quality and energy instruments, designed by Machineart Industrial Design, that incorporate a range of new features intended to enhance the user experience, as well as improve the quality of results.

HDPQ’s are designed to be convenient to set up while establishing a new tough and modern design language for Dranetz. Machineart handled all aspects of the physical design working in collaboration with Dranetz engineers to define the electronic components arrangement and product volume, in addition to engineering the plastic parts and assembly for production. The main housing parts are molded in PC/ABS while the elastomeric boot is Santoprene thermoplastic rubber.

Machineart evolved the HDPQ design language to convey a “square jawed” toughness that utilizes 45 degree angled corners and chunky shapes. The graphical user interface was also designed for simplicity, intuitive navigation and an appearance consistent with the character of the exterior.

Dranetz is the leading provider of intelligent monitoring solutions for electrical demand and energy, as well as power quality. Headquartered in Edison, NJ, USA, Dranetz manufactures its instruments in the USA.

New website for MaMo

FB2Machineart designed a new website for MaMo, an online store selling specialty products designed and developed by Machineart Industrial Design for the motorcycle aftermarket. The site, developed by Dave Cahill of RiverNet Creative in Frenchtown, NJ., is designed in a crisp, clean, bold style for clear communication, direct navigation, and growth over time.

All too many website are cluttered with graphical devices, pop-ups and superfluous information which get in the way of easy understanding. “The site reflects the aesthetic character of our products”, says Andrew Serbinski, President of Machineart. “It goes straight to the functional core – with flair”.

Wearable Smart Devices

ff_wearables9_largeWe are on the cusp of a new era that is about to explode into our lives with even more social behavior changing impact than did the i-phone and its Android counterparts over the last 5 years. With Wearable Smart Devices, fashion consciousness will become even more important to market success than just great brand identifying industrial design and instant data delivery.  Designers will have to enable multiple stylistic variations of any product to appeal to consumers demand for uniqueness.

Photo: Ian Allen

The January 2014 edition of WIRED Magazine has a fascinating article written by Bill Wasik entitled “Google Glass was just the beginning. A new generation of wearable tech is coming – and it will transform the way you experience the world”.

Excerpts from the article:
Smartphones didn’t really take off until the advent of the iPhone, a device that launched an aesthetic transformation in the tech industry, as design went from an afterthought to a corporate necessity, a core competency prized no less than the ability to make a faster chip or stable operating system. Wearable devices—technology that people will want to display on their bodies, for all to see—represent a new threshold in aesthetics. The tech companies that mastered design will now need to conquer the entirely different realm of fashion.

The problem with Google Glass is not that it’s bad industrial design. Google, like the rest of Silicon Valley, has learned a great deal about how to make an aesthetically pleasing product. But Glass is meant to be a highly visible addition to someone’s body as they walk around in public. That demands more than just a gorgeous product; it demands a fashionable product.  Now tech companies will be competing in product categories—wristwatches, glasses, other fashionable accessories—where even the least fashion-conscious consumers demand a great degree of uniqueness and variety.

X-Head Cylinder Guards

xheadBMW has introduced two completely new bikes featuring the first liquid-cooled opposed twin motorcycle engine in the company’s 90 year history – the R1200GS Dual Sport and R1200RT.  Machineart, for its MachineartMoto brand of aftermarket products, has designed  highly protective and stylish cylinder head guards that protect 80% of the surface of its crash vulnerable cast magnesium heads.

We selected Dupont’s super tough nylon for injection molding the X-Heads, with its blend of high impact strength, temperature and UV stabilization. The molded shell is designed to be slightly ductile in impact to prevent breakage, while in between the shell and engine is a thick thermoplastic rubber liner that aids in dissipating impact force while preventing penetration and hard contact with the ground.

The new R1200GS_LC is styled more aggressively than its predecessors so the X-Head’s appearance reflects that visual character. There is lots of implied forward movement in the bike’s bodywork which we took as a cue to give the guards a similar character while assuring that they do their job protecting engine castings in the event of a drop.

List price – $189.00

Chicco’s NextFit Car Seat

chicco2The NextFit has been exceeding sales expectations at Babies-R-Us since its introduction in early 2013. Designed in a collaboration between Machineart and Iron Mountains LLC, its success is the result of innovations in safety, user convenience via easy to follow set-up graphics, a comfy cocoon-like environment for children, and a modern appearance.

Our goal was to design the easiest convertible car seat to install accurately and securely in a wide range of vehicles. Most car seats are covered with instruction, warning and regulatory labels that are difficult to read, look haphazardly applied, and destroy any design integrity the seat itself may have. Improving both graphics understandability and appearance was a major challenge. We designed the instruction panels to relate visually to the contours of the seat shell, used color coding to distinguish between forward facing and rearward facing installations, and used large illustrations showing LATCH strap and safety belt routing paths to clearly orient the user. The beautiful seat form and the integration of set-up graphics combine with safety and comfort to make it a winner in the marketplace.

List price – $279.99.