The SpeedBlocks™ cervical immobilization device is an excellent example of how industrial design can synthesize multiple requirements into a product that is low cost, attractive, easy to use and comfortable for the patient.

Used by EMS personnel arriving at the scene of an accident, SpeedBlocks™ immobilize patients at risk of spinal cord injury. A universal base mounts to a backboard and a pair of blocks snap into the base on both sides of the patient’s head. The design is adjustable for children and helmeted adults.



Inflate-A-Shield™ CPR Mask

The Inflate-A-Shield™ is a new type of CPR barrier device combining the superior protection of a full mask and the portability of a thin shield. The single use Inflate-a-Shield is designed to inflate with one breath.

The inflated cuff provides an effective seal against the patients face directing all blown air into the lungs & provides a psychological benefit by creating a distance between the patient and rescuer.



Stroke Rehabilitation Trainer

Dynawheel is an exercise trainer, gaming and evaluation platform designed for the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Using smart phone technology and game apps, it motivates and assists patients in bilateral reaching, grasping, and range-of-motion movement hand exercises to help the brain build new neural networks. A numerical scale indicates squeeze force levels and the apps record game proficiency progress over time. Machineart's design solution embodies an easy to approach character and a quality, professional appearance.