Machineart Moto

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_MachineartMoto is the entrepreneurial side of the business, applying what we do for clients to the development and sale of our own brand of products. This endeavor has been immensely helpful in terms of our ability to guide start-up business clients in other product categories based upon our personal experience. We apply for patents, pay for tooling, buy stock, develop dealers, go to trade shows, advertise to end users, and ship products. It has enabled us to develop a sense of empathy for clients seeking to do the same.

We chose to develop products for the motorcycle market simply because we like them and were able to define opportunities to realize both functional and visual improvements over what had been done before.

Machineart designers are versatile, able to understand the market, user needs, and technical factors whether designing a baby stroller or a motorcycle body. Having a diversity of product design experience enables us to give the MachineartMoto line a distinguishing ‘design edge’.