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_Frenchtown is our adopted town just a few miles from the Machineart studio. There is a feeling about this town that’s different from other towns along the Delaware River. It is at once sleepy, quaint, artsy and hip. Frenchtown is a destination – for city dwellers from New York and Philadelphia who have second homes in Bucks County, and for the bicyclists, bikers, and sportscar guys who funnel through on the weekends.

Having lunch in the the Bridge Cafe at the foot of the river crossing is the most pleasant place to spend a couple of hours out sitting on the patio and watching the river and people flow by. We come here all the time. Ken Miller, the Bridge Cafe’s chef, ageless rocker and raconteur, is said to be the most dangerous man in town.

Fortunately, his lovely wife and wondrous pastry chef Lisa keeps him grounded producing delicious spinach cakes, fish chowder, Po’ Boys and daily surprises.

A few blocks away is the exotic Two Buttons, importers of stone Budhas, art, and jewelry from S.E. Asia – Owner Jose is the man with whom Elizabeth Gilbert fell in love in the last phase of her Eat, Pray, Love sojourn and best selling book.

Frenchtown is also the home of River Net Computers –, a community asset run by Jim and Dave Cahill. Dave developed this website with us and Jim keeps our server and workstations running.