What makes funoogles fun? I do.

funoogles has launched innovative, interchangeable and customizable prescription eyewear for children designed by Machineart Industrial Design. Developed to provide children with a way to express their personalities while also addressing their vision needs, funoogles’ colorful glasses adapt to fit a child’s individual style. They also may improve a child’s experience of wearing glasses, increasing their daily use.


The idea behind funoogles came from founder Jessica Darcy’s seven year old daughter, Ella-Jane. Born with a congenital cataract, a disease that impacts her vision, Ella-Jane understood that glasses were necessary to help her see correctly, but soon grew bored with having to wear the same frames each day. In an effort to express her creativity and individuality, she asked her mom if it would be possible to create glasses made of interchangeable parts that would easily change the look of her lenses, leading to the development of funoogles.

Machineart explored multiple shape and configuration options in the process of evolving the product with dual goals of designing a resilient and easy to snap on and off system of parts, and a fun series of shapes and colors enabling multiple combinations.

About funoogles

funoogles is a company that creates customizable eyewear for children to express their personalities. With a range of colorful options, funoogles glasses adapt to fit your child’s mood and style. Fun, fashionable and easy to interchange, each set of prescription eyewear gives kids a unique look and parents an affordable way to keep their children in style. funoogles are also available as sunglasses, and are made in America.

The company will reach consumers in under-served rural areas in Central America and the Dominican Republic through donations via the Volunteer Health Program, a nonprofit health care organization focused on providing primary medical and surgical eye care to people in these locations.