Hi-Hat Cymbal Sustain Device

_Hi-hat RockerValve™, an accessory device for drummers and percussionists designed by Machineart Industrial Design that transforms hi-hat cymbal sound, enabling drummers to control cymbal sustain by using lateral leg motion instead of foot pressure.


This frees the drummer’s foot for other foot pedals and devices, allowing for more musical expression from the drum set in Latin, Rock, and Jazz styles.

Machineart’s design of the components and look of the assembly reflects inventor Chris Reinhard’s appreciation of the machined motorcycle component aesthetic. The Hi-hat RockerValve’s™ simple geometry, CNC machined billet aluminum parts and fine finishes exude precision, quality and performance.

RockerValve™ is designed to be easily retro-fittable to a variety of manufacturers’ hi-hat stands and to be adjusted to drummers’ tonal and body position preferences.