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VROC Initium

_The Rheo Sense VROC Initium is the first automated, high throughput viscometer used in development labs by biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and protein therapeutics industries to measure fluid viscosity. Fluid characterization is essential in the production of complex liquids such as Petroleum, Inks, Pharmaceuticals and Rechargeable Batteries.

Machineart developed the Initium’s physical design, its distinctive brand appearance, and optimized component organization for easy operator work-flow and servicing tasks. Design language goals were defined as “advanced” and “precise” to communicate its smarter and faster fluid sample viscosity measurement and accuracy technology.

The design communicates advanced precision through its clean, simple volumes, crisp edges, inlaid matte aluminum details, and light color.  The design distinguishes the RheoSense brand in the lab environment and succeeds in establishing a new product design language for the company.

In addition to developing a new visual identity, Machineart engineered the individual plastic and metal exterior parts as well as many of the internal chassis components and mechanisms in collaboration with RS mechanical engineering.  The Initium is designed for low volume production, utilizing urethane plastic castings and fabricated aluminum assemblies.