Paint Bone

Paint Bone

Ergonomic Paint Can Holder
Paint Bone is designed to provide comfortable, anti-fatigue grip positions for holding heavy paint cans or pails from the top, side, or bottom. Paint Bone easily attaches to the existing wire bail on a paint can or pail. By allowing the user to pivot the bail, Paint Bone provides full access to the contents of the container. If you need to position the container on the ground or a shelf, the Paint Bone handle easily drops to the side, providing a clear and unobstructed entry.



Hi-Hat Cymbal Sustain Device
Introducing the Hi-hat RockerValve™ , an accessory device for drummers and percussionists designed by Machineart Industrial Design that transforms hi-hat cymbal sound, enabling drummers to control cymbal sustain by using lateral leg motion instead of foot pressure. This frees the drummer's foot for other foot pedals and devices, allowing for more musical expression from the drum set in Latin, Rock, and Jazz styles.



VROC Initium
The Rheo Sense VROC Initium is the first automated, high throughput viscometer used the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and protein therapeutics industries to characterize fluid viscosity. Machineart developed the Initium's physical design, its distinctive brand appearance, and optimized component organization for easy operator work-flow and servicing access.



HDPQ Power Quality Instruments

HDPQ's are designed to be convenient to set up while establishing a new tough and modern design language for Dranetz. Machineart handled all aspects of the physical design working in collaboration with Dranetz engineers to define the electronic components arrangement and product volume, in addition to engineering the plastic parts and assembly for production.


MICROTRAC Nanotrac Wave

Particle Size Analyzer

The Wave is the latest generation of sub-micron Particle Size and Zeta Potential analyzers used in particle size measurement down to 0.8 nm for the manufacture of drugs, chemicals, pigments and other industrial compounds.

Machineart handled appearance design, part design for both the plastic exterior covers and internal process module, the sheet metal chassis, the making of an initial appearance prototype and production documentation.


XIGO Acorn Drop

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Acorn Drop is a new technology NMR instrument designed to help scientists, researchers and corporations improve the performance of nano- materials by measuring the surface area of particles or droplets dispersed in a liquid.

Machineart’s design won Instrument Business Outlook’s Industrial Design Gold Award for analytical Instruments in it’s 2011 competition. Primary goals were visual differentiation, ease of assembly, and design for low volume production.


SURFECT Ascent 200

Semiconductor Electroplating Tool
Designed to look and operate as simply as an office copier, the form & details of this sheet metal and RIM molded assembly communicates precision and emphasizes the process plating engine located behind a translucent window. The Ascent logo is a grid of backlit bumps that symbolizes Surfect’s "bumping" electroplating process.

FUJITSU i-Station LAN Phone

i-Station LAN Phone

The i-Station display phone is designed to work in a business local area network with an LCD display that provides access to company-wide directories and intranet. The design language was developed to visually express the pleasure of person to person communication rather than look like an impersonal tool.

The shapes are curvy and the surfaces slightly swollen to convey the sense that there is another person at the other end of the line. Color was chosen according to prevailing color trends in the Japanese business market.


RICOH FT Series Photocopier

FT Series Photocopier

The availability of lower cost large format LCD displays made it possible to design a copier user interface that is much easier to understand. By making more complex features available through the graphic display, the most often used functions are laid out on top of the panel and the keys designed to be large and color coded.

The same design standard is applied to all Ricoh copiers, large and small alike, making it easy for users to understand the operation of any model.



POS Terminal

This Point of Sales Terminal was designed for the Japanese market and Fujitsu’s major customer, the Matsuya Department Stores. To its elegantly shaped profile is added a transaction tray for setting down change and credit cards, consistent with the Japanese custom of handing change back to customers on a separate tray.


AVAYA Rack Mount Switch Gear

Design Language Study

Avaya’s internal industrial design group assigned us the task of developing a new design language for their multiple lines of products that include rack mounted switches, floor mounted switches and telephone hand sets. Each product looked as though it was made by a different company.

Our design study proposed a consistent application of shapes, colors, textures and graphics to each product type tying them together into a recognizable product family.