NEWSROOM page 280 x 129Dranetz introduces the Dranetz HDPQ® line of hand-held power quality and energy instruments, designed by Machineart Industrial Design, that incorporate a range of new features intended to enhance the user experience, as well as improve the quality of results.

HDPQ’s are designed to be convenient to set up while establishing a new tough and modern design language for Dranetz. Machineart handled all aspects of the physical design working in collaboration with Dranetz engineers to define the electronic components arrangement and product volume, in addition to engineering the plastic parts and assembly for production. The main housing parts are molded in PC/ABS while the elastomeric boot is Santoprene thermoplastic rubber.

Machineart evolved the HDPQ design language to convey a “square jawed” toughness that utilizes 45 degree angled corners and chunky shapes. The graphical user interface was also designed for simplicity, intuitive navigation and an appearance consistent with the character of the exterior.

Dranetz is the leading provider of intelligent monitoring solutions for electrical demand and energy, as well as power quality. Headquartered in Edison, NJ, USA, Dranetz manufactures its instruments in the USA.