Consumer Products



STERNO Inferno


The Sterno Inferno Ultralight Camping Stove is designed for compact transport and easy set-up when backpacking or camping while riding a bicycle or motorcycle. All components, including the fuel can, nest inside or over the red anodized main chamber keeping packing size to a minimum.

Machineart's design included the Inferno logo and red anodized with natural aluminum color scheme to distinguish this new line of business for Sterno CandleLamp in the market.


STERNO Stove Kit

CandleLamp Stove Kit

Sterno CandleLamp's Stove Kit is designed to contain everything needed for light to medium cooking in outdoor and emergency situations. This project served to expand Sterno's line of compact cooking products that utilize its Canned Heat fuel.

Design requirements were low cost production, containment of all needed parts in one package, including fuel, an adjustable cooking height for heat control, and compact size for transport.


OFFICEMATE International

Titanium Scissors

Create a “new and distinctive” design were the simple design directives given us by OIC to better compete for buyers attention at office products superstores.

The comfortable handle shape is unique among competitive products and its feel is enhanced by soft-touch overmolded thermoplastic elastomer gripping surfaces.


OFFICEMATE International

Paper Punches

Most metal paper punches look decades out of date. Machineart’s new line for OIC looks fresh and is designed to feel more comfortable in the hand when punching with its rounded edges and corners. Production methods remain the same as OIC’s previous practice to retain existing production equipment.



Misting Shower Massage

The tri-lobe shape of the Misting Massage Showerhead is designed to accomodate the shapes of seven SPA-like shower experiences, from a wide shoulder-to-shoulder spray, to bubbly champagne and warm mist. The control knobs are placed outside of the water stream, so one does not have to reach into the spray to change settings. This design innovation lead to the design of a new mechanism. For user needs research, & market opportunity assessment, Machineart collaborated with Innovation Focus.



The SenSonic high frequency automatic toothbrush is designed to express "high performance" that "delights" the user - feels good to hold, feels good after use, and feels good to own.

The design, with its muscular form, elastometric grip material, and an easy to clean charging base, visually postions the SenSonic as one of the highest performing power toothbrushes available.



Flexible Shower Massage

Adults shower, kids shower, and so does every size in between. The Flexible Shower Massage design allows people to adjust the height and angle of the shower head to suit them. Inside the corrugated vinyl hose is a spine made of acetal beads that adjusts readily, yet stays in place without drooping. Machineart’s design updated an existing shower head engine with a new adjustment ring and was adapted to the flex hose to make a low cost platform extension.



TPX Wireless Audio Headset

The TPX wireless audio headset for use with music players and radar detectors is designed specifically for the needs of motorcyclists. The headset mounts to the side of a helmet where the flat speaker can nest unobtrusively inside the ear cup.

The form language is both rounded and edgy to fit into the character of modern street bikes while creating a distinctive brand look for Adaptiv Technologies.



I-Palm Digital Camera

Designed to stand out on retailers' shelves, the iPalm was the first SD-card compatible digital camera when introduced in 2001. The design established a new identity for Panasonic digital cameras with its boldly shaped elastomeric handle that provides a non-slip grip and pale green mettalic body. The exaggerated aluminum lens surround recalls traditional film cameras, while the unconventional shape says 'digital'.



Stratos Game Player

Machineart’s design of the Stratos is a concept intended to test the viability of Fujitsu’s desired entry into more consumer product categories in the Japanese market. A top level PC, mainframe, and IT services brand, Fujitsu determined it needed to diversify its offerings in order to grow. The Stratos concept tested unusual shape compositions to distinguish Fujitsu’s from Sony’s offerings and give it a techno-fantasy feel to appeal to young males who typically make up the game market.