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QuattroTour Duo Stroller

_Building on the market success of the original Quattro Tour Stroller we designed with Graco in 2001, the design of the QuattroTour Duo extends the family appearance to accommodate two children of different ages.

Toddlers up to 50 pounds get to be part of the action in the front seat with a view of the road and easy entry and exit. They have their own cup, snack holder and storage space underfoot. The cup holders, one in each armrest, pivot out for entry and spring back to position. Infants in their Graco® SnugRide® car seat can either be easily clicked in the rear seat and face the parent. Or, once they’re older – up to 40 pounds – can be placed in the elevated reclining seat with cup and snack holder.

We designed an ergonomic handle to make the stroller easier to leverage and maneuver. And, it looks and feels like a road bicyle handle, with its overmolded rubber grip areas, to appeal to daddy when driving. A drop-down basket is designed to be accessed without disturbing baby, and with plenty of storage space for a diaper bag.

The frame geometry was pre-defined by Graco over which we built mock-ups of the child tray and cup holders, parent’s amenity area. We defined all plastic parts including the wheels, brakes, foot tray and frame covers. Color renderings were done showing three potential visual directions along with soft goods color and pattern break-up. Parts were modeled in 3D CAD and delivered to Graco.

The QuattroTour Duo became one of the best selling dual strollers following in the path of the original Quattro Tour. It’s design communicates a solid quality and elegance while comfortably coddling its occupants.