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ASCA Duo Stroller

_Conventional duo strollers are either in-line front to back or side-by-side and both are large, difficult to maneuver, transport and store. The ASCA inventor’s personal experience of transporting his two young children through crowded city streets, stores, elevators and hallways in a variety of conventional duo strollers defined the problem to be solved and inspired a solution.

His insight, which Machineart evolved into a line of strollers and platform extensions, was a space efficient “love seat” arrangement, wherein two children’s shoulders, the widest part of the body, were offset from each other. Side-by-side but facing each other produced the design’s primary benefit – a Duo Stroller that fits within the footprint of a single.
Seats were designed as modular units able to be mounted to a carousel base in a variety of ways for different purposes. A system of accessories was designed to increase flexibility of use for other purposes, including a base for car seats, collapsible bassinet, and personal storage space. All of the various configurations are able to fold up for transport and storage in a footprint only slightly larger than that of a single mid-size stroller.

A stroller is a product that must satisfy two different end users: the child occupants who need to be safe and comfortable, and their parents who want convenience and to express their taste and individuality. A key design distinction for the ASCA line is the ability to customize each product through the choice of multiple color and pattern fashion collections, and accessories. The ASCA design benefit story is summed up in the following five points:

  • Dual strollers that fit within the footprint of a single
  • Designed for restricted spaces & urban environments
  • Multiple seating positions for infants and toddlers
  • A system that grows with the family
  • A collection of mass customization accessories

Patent #680035-2001