Children’s Products




NextFit Car Seat

Chicco's NextFit convertible car seat has been a sales winner from the time of its launch in the Spring of 2013 through design innovations in user convenience, safety, easy to follow set-up graphics, modern appearance and a comfortable, secure environment for the child. It is the easiest convertible car seat to install accurately and securely in a wide range of vehicles via intuitive graphic communication: large illustrations, color coding, and obvious LATCH strap and safety belt routing paths simplify understanding of correct set-up.



QuattroTour Duo

The Duo is a visual extension of the design language defined for the standard QuattroTour, but with ergonomic and form variations. It provides for easy entry and egress for a toddler in the front seat, while more enclosing the rear seat for a baby. The parent push handle design recalls that of a racing bicycle to enable better leverage to maneuver a longer and heavier vehicle.



ASCA Duo Stroller

Development of the ASCA duo Stroller concept and design was born out of a frustrating use experience in tight environments and lead to innovative thinking and a re-definition of how a dual stroller could be configured. Our client, then living in Milan, taking his two young children out for rides in a variety of conventional duo strollers found it difficult to maneuver in the city's narrow streets, elevators and hallways. His difficulties and an insight inspired the design of a line of Duo Strollers that fit within the footprint of a Single.




Machineart’s design for the QuattroTour in 2002 became one of the best selling strollers in the market over a ten year lifespan. With it we defined a visual design language that Graco has used to this day on a series of related products.

A defining characteristic is the wide oval section frame tubing along with a closable storage compartment for parents’ personal effects and drink holder trays that accomodate juice boxes as well as sippy cups.



NoTouch Diaper Pail

Coded named the “i-Poo” during development, Graco’s no-touch diaper pail enables users with hands full to open the odor sealed lid with the wave of a hand. Battery powered, an infrared sensor sees hand motion to raise the lid which then closes automatically. Molded in poly- propylene, the top half clips off at the waist to allow emptying the bottom collection bucket.

Machineart developed multiple design concepts, one of which was selected for detailing and modeling in 3D CAD for submission to the client.



“Bandito” Daddy Diaper Bag

Dads must also carry diapers and soft scented powders for their babies but do not want to advertise the fact out in the streets. To help protect the male ego, Graco Childrens Products assigned Machineart the task of exploring multiple concepts for male-centric, stylish bags to carry bottles, wipes, powders and diapers. The Bandito shown above is one of seven ideas proposed.