The new ADVance Guard, designed for our sister company, MachineartMoto, is a leap forward in motorcycle hand guard functionality and comfort for the Adventure Touring motorcycle market.

The ADVance Guard multi-functional, aluminum framed hand guards are designed for superior strength and easy air flow adjustability for a variety of weather and riding conditions. Adventure and Dual Sport bike riders must adapt to many different environmental and weather conditions – from highway to off-road, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the interstate. The patented height adjustable Shield and removable front Insert enable riders to easily adapt to these prevailing conditions without the need for tools.

The wide Aluminum Safety Frame provides tough protection for rider and handlebar controls in case of tip-overs or impact with outcroppings on a narrow trail. With or without the front Insert installed, the Frame covers not only the hands, but also the control levers and switches.

ADVance Guard fits most brands of Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycles and are the most versatile and effective hand guards available for Adventure Touring.

They may be purchased online at